Ziggy is a 10 year old Bare Eyed Cockatoo.  These are the smaller variety of Cockatoo. 

Ziggy came into the care of Charlie's Angels Parrot Rescue on the 4/11/2015 as unfortunately his owners could no longer care for him.

He has been seen by our avian vet on the 5/11/2015 for full blood works and routine XRAY, the X-ray showed his small white fluffy plaques in his air sacs. The reason for this is unclear at present as we await for his blood results.

Ziggy came in with a copper ring on his foot which has had to be removed by our vet as it’s an unsafe metal. He has now been chipped and will remain chipped under the rescue.

Ziggy has an amazing, chirpy personality.


UPDATE: 09/10/16

Ziggy is a lovely little boy who adores anyone willing to give him snuggles, he loves going out and about on his harness and bobbing up and down as you walk whilst sitting upon your arm. He is so gentle and loving, but like all cockatoos he can be very loud. He loves his fresh fruit and veg, and adores his pellets. 

He is a confident little guy, with so much love to give to the right owner. Please if you are considering becoming a slave to birds, consider Ziggy. All new potential owners will need to come and meet him. For more information on Ziggy please do contact us.