Phoebe is a beautiful little 12 year old Caique, she has been with the owner since a chick, circumstances has led her to coming into us in March 2016.  

She came in with a huge box of toys, food, and a lovely cage.

She is a dream, very steady girl. She will be booked in with our avian vet for relevant tests.

Her feathers are yellow which the owner has taken to an avian vet ( whom we also know and trust) who says it is down to stress, as she only goes yellow during a moult and then after the moult they return green again.

We have all the documents for this baby girl, and she was very well cared for.

Update April 8th 2016 - Phoebe has had all of her results back and has a clean bill of health.  

Phoebe has been reserved - April 2016