​​Buster is a 15 year old African grey. He came into our care on the 26th June 2016. He came from a very loving home, but sadly his owner who had him from a chick was unable to care for him, as she was going away to UNI.


He has been seen via our avian vets for a full disease and blood screening , along with an X-ray , we are pleased to say he is completely healthy, and disease free.

Buster will need a patient owner as he has not had much handling, however he will come out his cage if you hold up a stick and will happily sit on that and be moved about. He has been with us a few weeks now, and is showing us that he really does enjoy his head scratched , he is not aggressive. Does prefer females to men.

UPDATE 06/01/17

Buster seems to take to men and women , he is currently with a great foster family who have worked wonders with him. If you are interested in offering him a loving home, you will need to read our re-homing policy and be able to collect and visit Buster where he is being housed. 



Coco arrived 12th May 2015


Coco is an 11 year old African grey parrot, he came into rescue as the owners could nolonger provide what he needed. He is a very sweet and loving boy , prefers men over women. He is being safehoused in Oxfordshire. He loves to be out his cage and loves to sit with his favorite human.  Coco lived with his previous owner since being a chick and was the only bird, he is a very healthy boy with a huge personality , is shy until he gets to know / trust his new parront. 


Molly came into our care on the 21 November 2015

 Molly was very much loved in her previous home where all her needs were met. They contacted us after their son started showing signs of a severe dander allergy. My heart goes out to them all, as it was clear this was not easy for them. Molly will be getting booked in with our avian vet this week for her bloods and routine x-ray to be done. We will also be getting a DNA done to see if molly is in fact molly or a Wally lol. Molly is very much a ladies bird. She is now being fully assessed so we can get to know her likes and dislikes. Molly is approx 5 years old.


UPDATE 23/05/16


Molly is still within our care, as she has got some behavioural issues we are working on with her, she is very afraid of other birds, and some people but is now getting better. 

UPDATE 06/01/17

Molly now steps up for men and women, and seems to not have any preference as to who is her main care giver. She is still timid and as such she will need a gentle and calm family who will not push her to quick, she will need time and patience and be allowed to do things in her own time. She is a very sweet girl who loves her head rubbed. She would suit someone who only has one bird or no birds as she does not seem to be comfortable in a house with multiple birds. If you feel you can offer Molly a home please take a look at our re-homing policy , you must be willing to travel to Oxfordshire to visit Molly if you have passed your home check etc.