Welcome to Charlies Angels Parrot Rescue. We are a small rescue run by a committed team. We first started up because of the need for a welfare driven rescue, and for the many birds out there that desperately  need help. All birds that come into our care are quarantined and isolated away from all other birds, then as our standard basic level of care all new arrivals are Blood Tested by our Qualified Avian Vet for a variety of diseases and are also given a routine X-ray. We know this comes at a financial cost, but this is the start to our Welfare Driven Policy of putting the birds health and well being to the fore front. Birds are kept in quarantine until all results show they are clear of any illnesses or diseases. But from their arrival they are being assessed ans given enrichment, good healthy nourishing foods, We are proud to be a rescue who are conscious of the birds needs and wants. If the birds tests are given the All Clear, we will then put the birds up for adoption. We have a questionnaire for prospective adopters to fill out and we will try and match them to their level of knowledge and experience, we try to get it right from beginning to end, We don't even recover the costs of Veterinary Care, or the food time and resources we put into each bird. We feel as a team that the Welfare of these birds is the most important thing we can do for them all. An adoption donation is requested as this helps us to continue the work we do. 

We have been asked why we disease test all our birds that come into our care, this is due to us being welfare driven, you cannot tell if a bird is unwell just by looking at them, as they hide their symptoms so well until the point of no return. We will not risk any little soul by not testing, as we can easily end up with a nasty avian disease that can potentially place all our birds at risk of death. 

Our birds are fed on a fantastic diet of fresh fruit and veg each day, they also receive pellets and a high quality  seed mix. Their diets are tailored depending on species. We do not cut corners with their care. As you can imagine this really does come at a cost, but a cost that we will not cut back on. Our vet fees for each bird to be disease tested cost us £375 this is without any treatments should they be needed, then we have cages, toys , food etc etc we are constantly fund raising to try and keep up with the needs of running the rescue. We welcome food and toy donations as well as goods for us to auction off on our fb group. If anyone would like to donate please do contact us . You can always donate via paypal as well if you wish. Every little really does go along way to helping us continue to be able to do what we do. Our facebook group has all our vet bills on show, so you can all see where your donations are going to.